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Where can I buy Royal Highness Products?

Our products are sold in licensed Dispensaries located in California and Michigan. You can find a list of locations near you on our state specific store location pages in the website menu.

Are Cannabis products safe to smoke?

Yes, Cannabis is safe to smoke and has many medical benefits.

Why should I choose Royal Highness vapes over other vapes?

Royal Highness vapes have a secret blend of superior quality ingredients fit for Royalty. We use Ultra Refined Distillate which is an upgrade from your basic distillate. Included with an Organic blend of Terpenes and live resin. Combined properly, we believe this to be the very best quality vape possible.

Am I able to purchase wholesale/bulk?

Email us your contact information along with your dispensary licensed information and we will have one of our sales rep follow up with your dispensary.

How strong are your Moonrocks?

Most moonrocks range from 30% to 50% THC. We use a highly potent Ultra Refined Distillate which makes it so that our moonrocks can be as potent as 80% THC.

Are the batteries warrantied?

Yes, all batteries come with a 30 day warranty from the original purchase date. You must keep the original receipt and bring it with you to the store you purchased it from. They will replace it for you.


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